Christelle Mas (1984) is a french visual artist born near Paris (Melun). She has worked in Paris,  Helsinki and now lives in Oulu in Finland in north Ostrobotnia.  Her mediums are photography, drawing and installation. She has displayed her work in several solo and joint exhibitions both in Finland and internationally. Works by Christelle Mas are included in the collections of Oulu Art Museum and Kemi Art Museum, and in private collections. Mas is a member of the Bioart Society in Finland.


Christelle Mas’s art remains on the fringes of fiction and examines the tenuous border between reality and fiction. Her artworks are often originated from popular science and studying medical and mechanical imagery. Her starting point is therefore in science, but during the process fictitious truths become a reflection of her own inner world. The artworks  by Christelle Mas unveiling the matters, which usually are hidden or belong to a world of imagination. They induce doubt in the viewer as to the realiability of the image. 


« Art should look behind things rather than implying a relationship with reality”. Andreas Gursky



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